Where AG Loans Can Help Your Business

At Farm Mortgage Loan, we’re proud to provide the best AG and farm loans out there for those in need. These loans are useful to numerous entities within the agricultural business, from smaller startups to even the biggest businesses out there.

There are several possible uses for AG loans, depending on the needs of your business. Let’s look at a few considerations and possibilities for how to use this money.

Buy or Rent?

One of the primary uses of these types of loans is for farm equipment, and one of your first big questions here will be whether to buy or rent. Many pieces of farming equipment come with a hefty price tag, even for those working with loan financing. For newer businesses or those low on cash flow, renting for a time might be the appropriate route – when you’ve built up your finances a bit, you can then consider buying a few of the bigger and more common items that you use.

Land Considerations

The land is another common use of these loans, and there are a few important considerations here. For starters, you have to know which kinds of crops you want to harvest, and you need a plan for how much land you’ll need to hit the numbers you’re looking for. In addition, you have to ensure that your planned harvest will be enough to cover the loan amount, with a little wiggle room if possible in case of overhead.


While many don’t consider it as often, money from farm loans can also be used for promoting your products. There are many ways you can go about this, including brand logos, online promotions, focused ad campaigns and more. Hiring consultants for this purpose is another potentially great use of these kinds of funds.

Growing the Business

And finally, these loans are great for helping grow the business. Starting a farming business comes with some major expenses, and expanding does much of the same. The industry can fluctuate based on crops and other factors, and you don’t have the luxury of guessing – you need the proper financing to grow to the size you desire.

To learn more about how our farm equipment loans can help, speak to the pros at Farm Mortgage Loan today.

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